About MissFortune

A transplant from her home town in northern Alberta, Shevaun has spent every moment of her time enjoying heavy involvement in Winnipeg’s art scene. She has worked as a piano teacher, for the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, and loves her full-time gig as Office Coordinator for the Winnipeg Folk Festival (2018 will mark her 5th festival with the org!).

Possibly one of the only people to hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration & Theatre, Shevaun has always sought opportunity to develop the place she’s found herself in. Her first day at University, she volunteered to take up the mantle running the textbook resale company that had been started by graduating students the year previous. By second semester, Shevaun had started an on-campus, student-run coffee shop that continues to be a part of campus life, seven years since it’s inception.

Shevaun’s involvement in Winnipeg’s non-profit art world has impressed upon her the need for MORE. More support, more money, more people caring. The vicious cycle of under-funding means no money for employing people, advertising, or reaching the community. The saints who are employed are over-worked, run-down, and bleed their souls for the organizations they love. Families suffer and the organization ultimately suffers.

That’s where the inception of this site comes from. A deep desire to ease stress, create better art, create MORE art, and build relationships in a truly special corner of the world.

To see more of Shevaun, her life, and her adorable rabbit Willow; check her out on the social medias.